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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The following questions can be used by any student or teacher of the Bible. These prompts can lead to careful examination of the biblical text and related works.

There have been untold sermons, Sunday school lessons, books, college lectures from these. Most preacher and teachers just give you their answers to these questions. They weave their answers into their messages. In some cases they may refer to the writings of others who answered the questions.

There is a place for that kind of communication with beginners and intermediate students. However I submit to you that in order to obey the Great Commission we are to make disciples. A disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to become skilled in personal Bible study.

The simplest way to motivate a growing disciple is to ask a question that touches them. The spark of a question can lead to an inner fire that will fuel an extensive study. When they have sought and found an answer for themselves then they own it. That can be much more lasting than just giving them the right answer.

The answers to the questions could lead to an improved biblical worldview. Grappling with these questions and answers could lead to lively discussions. Finding the answers could lead to better and more prayer.

It is possible that a student could come to an answer that is biblically in error. However if they will continue to explore more questions unto answers this will correct itself.

Also along the way it is wise to point to the best writers currently and historically. After a person have been dealing with these matters for a while then other views will be appreciated.


WHO or WHAT created humans?

WHY is there pain and suffering in humans?

WHY do humans lie, cheat, steal, etc.?

WHY do humans hurt other humans?



assault (to hit)





WHY do humans go to war?

WHAT are the MOST important goals

that a human can accomplish during their lifetime?

that a married couple can accomplish during several decades together?

that a group of people (like a church congregation) can accomplish during several decades?

WHY has EVERY previous civilization eventually perished? (except the Jews)

WHAT is the purpose for

an individuals existence

a marriage

a family

a church

a community

a state

a nation

the nations of the world



Universally, WHAT are the wisest and best things a parent pass along to their child?

WHAT are ways to

encourage a person that is discouraged?

inspire hope in a person that is hopeless?

revive a person that is in despair?

convince a person not to quit a life-long quest?

persuade a person not to commit suicide?

motivate a person to dream big dreams?

stimulate a person to pursue excellence?

teach a person to live a balanced life?

According to the Bible

WHAT are the most important values?

WHAT are the highest priorities?

WHAT are the noblest motivations?

WHAT is the source of godly self-esteem?

WHAT happens after a human dies?

Will there be


dreamless sleep



automatic return to the Godhead

final judgment

eternity in Heaven

eternity in Hell

second chance

WHAT does God require of each human?

HOW does a human sin?

Can a human sin with their




neglect or omission of the correct/appropriate/righteous




WHY does a human sin?

WHERE does sin come from?

HOW can a human deal with sin?

Is sin related to evil?

IF sin is related to evil,

THEN how are they related?

WHY is this important?

Is a human basically




WHAT are the greatest needs of a human?

Are spiritual needs optional?

Are spiritual needs just for a special few?

WHY does a human need a




Advocate with God

Good Shepherd

faithful Friend

HOW can a lost person understand the gospel of salvation?

WHAT must a person do to become born again?

WHAT gives a Christian the right to come before God in prayer?

Do born again Christian continue to sin after salvation?

IF the continue to sin,

THEN WHAT is the cause of the sin?

WHAT is the remedy?

Can a person loose their salvation?

Can a genuinely born again person back slide?

Can a backslidden person be restored to fellowship with God?

WHAT needs to be understood and done before a person is ready to

be water baptized

receive Holy Communion

become a member of a local church

become a lay leader (deacon, elder, etc.) in a local church

become a professional leader (pastor, evangelist, missionary) in a local church

WHAT are the basic principles and instructions concerning prayer?

Can doing good works save a person?

Do good works keep a person saved?

After salvation , are good works





WHAT are three examples of acceptable post-salvation good works?

Will God give believers eternal rewards?

WHAT will be the basis for eternal rewards?

WHAT are three examples of eternal rewards?

WHO goes to Heaven and WHY?

WHO goes to Hell and WHY?

WHAT is Heaven like?

WHAT is Hell like?

Do small children go to Heaven if they die before the age of accountability?

WHAT is the age of accountability?

Do the mentally retarded who cannot understand the gospel go to Heaven?

WHAT happens to those in isolated places that never head the gospel –

WHERE do they go after death?

Do those in Heaven recognize others that they knew on earth?

HOW can an individual know if they are saved?

HOW can a person know if another person is saved (spouse, relative, friend, etc.)?

Will Jesus judge individuals after they die?

WHAT is the basis of this judgment?

WHAT are the consequences of this judgment?

HOW can one prepare for this judgment?

WHAT are

wise priorities,

suitable goals

general guidelines

specific suggestions

recommended commitments for

new believers

growing Christian

those entering personal ministry

those entering church leadership

those seeking to grow spiritually




unwed mother considering an abortion

engaged couples

newly weds

married couples


person considering or involved in adulterous affair

person considering or involved in homosexual relationship

those considering divorce

those who have gotten a divorce

those who face death (like cancer)

those who are relatives and close friends of those facing death

those who are grieving